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Production Notes

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Production Notes

Production Notes: Episode 7

karengeier June 18, 2019

Buy Tanya Levin’s book, People In Glass Houses, here Read Lea Ceasrine’s article on Hillsong here View the 60 Minutes story on Hillsong here: View the A Current Affair story on Hillsong here: A deeper look into Hillsong’s finances from the Sydney Morning Herald Meeting minutes addressing the Frank Houston […]

Production Notes

Production Notes: Episode 6

karengeier June 11, 2019

On Legal Threats Since March, I’ve been working on a limited series podcast called On Belief: A Podcast About Cults. It has been uniquely rewarding as a project: I have learned new things every day, I’ve been the recipient of endless generosity, and I’ve been given a unique opportunity to […]

Production Notes

Production Notes: Episode 5

karengeier June 4, 2019

I was recently sent a mailer by a Messianic Jewish group and it reminded me of the first time I had heard about Jews For Jesus. It was from a Jewish friend in High School who explained to me what they ‘really believed.’ Since then, I have been lucky enough […]

Production Notes

Production Notes: Episode 4

karengeier May 28, 2019

The video above is an anime production about Aum and Shoko Asahara. There is a documentary on the days after the arrests of Shoko Asahara on Youtube called A. Sarah mentions it in the episode. Shoko Asahara on Beat Takeshi
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Production Notes

Production Notes- Episode 102

karengeier May 14, 2019

The biggest worry I had at the outset was getting people to talk to me. I’m an experienced interviewer, but it’s one thing to pre-book an interview with a comedian who you know needs to promote something, and cold calling a person who has had traumatic experiences and doesn’t know […]

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Production Notes

Production Notes- Episode 101

karengeier May 6, 2019

People do not tell you how tired you will be. I started this podcast to explore a single topic I’m passionate about (cults and mind control.)  To make it “easier on me,” I decided to do a limited series of episodes, so it wouldn’t be too large of a project. […]