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Month: May 2019

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Production Notes

Production Notes: Episode 4

karengeier May 28, 2019

The video above is an anime production about Aum and Shoko Asahara. There is a documentary on the days after the arrests of Shoko Asahara on Youtube called A. Sarah mentions it in the episode. Shoko Asahara on Beat Takeshi
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Episode 4: Aum Shinrikyo with Sarah Hightower

karengeier May 28, 2019

Content warning: Frank discussion of abuse and murder You may vaguely remember the Tokyo Subway Sarin attack, but that’s not where the Aum Shinrikyo story begins or ends. Guest Sarah Hightower explains: How Shoko Asahara was an opportunist and bully from childhood How Asahara was a multiple time grifter before […]

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Production Notes

Production Notes- Episode 102

karengeier May 14, 2019

The biggest worry I had at the outset was getting people to talk to me. I’m an experienced interviewer, but it’s one thing to pre-book an interview with a comedian who you know needs to promote something, and cold calling a person who has had traumatic experiences and doesn’t know […]


Guest Spotlight: Brock Wilbur

karengeier May 14, 2019

Brock is a standup comedian and journalist who splits his time between LA and Kansas City. He’s got too many podcasts and him and his wife have three cats which is too many cats. He’s the author of the forthcoming Boss Fights Book on the video game Postal and he’s […]