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We all would like to think that we’re immune to being persuaded, but were that true, advertising wouldn’t work, the best candidates would always get elected, and our personal relationships would always be equitable.

On Belief examines why, with so much information available to us to dissuade us from joining harmful groups. I ask people who have had first hand experience with harmful groups and sects how they were seduced, how they were tricked, and how they got out.


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Guest Spotlight: Ben Hurley

karengeier July 9, 2019

Ben is formerly a business journalist with the Australian Financial Review who has been working as a freelancer for the past five years. He lives in Taiwan and speaks Mandarin. You can read the piece he wrote on Medium here

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Guest Spotlight: Brenda Nicholson

karengeier June 25, 2019

Brenda was raised in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, more commonly known as the FLDS, where they believe in the original teachings of the LDS church and still practice polygamy. She escaped that life with her husband and their six children in March of 2012, having […]

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Guest spotlight: Lea Ceasrine

karengeier June 18, 2019

Lea is a West Coast based writer and producer who was involved with Hillsong when it first made its inroads into the New York metropolitan area. Visit her website here You can read her piece for The Outline here: You can listen to a short interview with her on KCRW […]

Production Notes

Production Notes: Episode 7

karengeier June 18, 2019

Buy Tanya Levin’s book, People In Glass Houses, here Read Lea Ceasrine’s article on Hillsong here View the 60 Minutes story on Hillsong here: View the A Current Affair story on Hillsong here: A deeper look into Hillsong’s finances from the Sydney Morning Herald Meeting minutes addressing the Frank Houston […]

Production Notes

Production Notes: Episode 6

karengeier June 11, 2019

On Legal Threats Since March, I’ve been working on a limited series podcast called On Belief: A Podcast About Cults. It has been uniquely rewarding as a project: I have learned new things every day, I’ve been the recipient of endless generosity, and I’ve been given a unique opportunity to […]

Production Notes

Production Notes: Episode 5

karengeier June 4, 2019

I was recently sent a mailer by a Messianic Jewish group and it reminded me of the first time I had heard about Jews For Jesus. It was from a Jewish friend in High School who explained to me what they ‘really believed.’ Since then, I have been lucky enough […]

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OUT NOW: @glynnwashington joins me to discuss growing up in an apocalyptic bible cult and why he decided to make a podcast about #HeavensGate #cultsurvivor #cults

Hello! I produce a podcast about cults called @OnBeliefPod.

It’s about true survivor stories of people who left cults and controlling organisations.

We’re always looking to hear from survivors.

Email if you want to tell your story.

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Last season, we waded into the waters of Large Group Awareness Training. This year we went deeper into the one that started it all. Hear “Kate’s” chilling account:

Our part 2 with Juana Castanheira on her experiences with SGI ) Soka Gakkai International is now live on Patreon. Part one is now UNLOCKED on the main feed.
#cults #cultsurvivor #podcast #sgi #meditation #mlm #tm

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6 days ago

On Belief Podcast

Glynn Washington joins me today to discuss growing up in an apocalyptic bible cult and covering #heavensgate for his own podcast series. ...

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2 weeks ago

On Belief Podcast

Last season, we discussed LGATs. This year, we’re going deeper on the one that started them all. Hear “Kate’s” harrowing story now ...

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3 weeks ago

On Belief Podcast

Episode 205 on Sokaiya Gakkai International is now UNLOCKED and another FULL EPISODE with Juana Casatanheira is on our Patreon. ...

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1 month ago

On Belief Podcast

OUT NOW. Chelsea Lockwood was in the Jehovah’s Witnesses as a child and teen and found release from that trauma through Ayahuasca. Don’t miss this one. ...

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2 months ago

On Belief Podcast

OUT NOW: what do cults and abusive partners have in common? A SHOCKING amount. Guest Donna Anderson of #lovefraud joins me to discuss this week ...

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